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daily_icon is a challenge community for icon makers.

Basically, each member chooses a claim. This can be as broad as a particular manga series, or as narrow as a specific Marvel superhero. The object of the challenge is to make 100 icons of your claim. However! Rather than making icons in spurts, or doing all 100 at once after looking at a long list of themes, there is a different method. Every day, a moderator of daily_icon will post an entry containing the theme of the day. Anyone with a claim can reply to the entry with their icon of that day that follows that theme.

Your 100 icons do not have to be from consecutive posts. If, for example, you can't think of anything for theme #25, you can skip it and post an icon the next day if you choose. You just have to eventually complete 100 icons of your claim. Since the point is to create only one icon a day, it's reasonable to assume that your 100 icons will be of higher quality (and creativity) than if you simply mass produce all 100.

This is by no means an elitist community. Iconmakers of all talents, shapes, and sizes are free to join in!
the rules
Shouldn't be too many rules for a community as loose as this one, but please follow them!

1. It's highly recommended that you join or friend the community so that you can see the themes as they are posted and keep up with them.
2. Make sure you have your claim before you reply to a theme post.
3. If you are claiming MORE THAN ONE PERSON, say a group or a pairing, then you can make icons with just one person out of the group once you run out of group images, but these should NOT be the majority. (read: do NOT pick really obscure pairings that you will not be able to icon!)
4. You must use a different picture for every icon.
5. The themes are meant to be an inspiration. By no means do your icons have to contain the theme (as in text) in them.
6. If you are using resources where the maker has specified that he or she would like credit, please credit them in your comment with your icon.
7. You WILL need to keep track of which themes you make icons for somehow, whether you make an entry with a 100-icon table, or keep a list in a .txt file, because you will need all 100 of your theme numbers for when you request to be added to the winners' list.
8. Feel free to join in and make your claim at any time! If you join and the theme of the day is #270, then your first theme will be #270. Do not start from the beginning.
9. If something comes up in your life and you are not able to complete an icon for a theme that you really want to complete, you are allowed to go back and do it when you return. As long as the theme was posted AFTER your claim was accepted, you are allowed to make and submit an icon for it.
10. Please remember to post at least one icon for each claim every 3 months or your claim(s) will be dropped due to inactivity!!
comment format
Please use the following format when replying to a theme post with your icon.

Claim: Please list both series AND character where appropriate.
# of completed icons thus far: #/100
Credits: For textures, bases, brushes, etc.
last words
FAQ - where questions are answered!
Claims list - stake your claim or browse other peoples'
Winners list - those who have finished their 100 icons
Affiliates - request for affiliation, affiliates list

daily_icon was originally created by levels. It is currently moderated/maintained by head honcho domestik along with fellow co-moderators tarahime, and yankumi!

Thanks to artique, casanovas, allsunday, kaeleer, kaitei, ladyshiny, minrathous, ariake, mona_june, and dorkness for helping out previously as well! ♥

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